Modern Woman Festival

Modern Woman Festival is a 3-day celebration of women held at the most whimsical venue in Bali - NewEarthHaven Ubud from October 20th - 22nd. MWF is an event for women who NEVER go to women events. MWF is an event for women who are all about concepts like sisterhood and unity.

MWF is for Meat eaters, champagne drinkers, antisocial introverts, homemakers, scientists, boss babes, mothers, grandmothers, vegan activists...

MWF is here for any woman who would like to live a life of HER choice, who is curious what else is possible outside of her upbringing, cultural expectations and societal MUSTs and SHOULDs.

MWF is here to provide practical support and education, a safe environment for women to talk about their struggles, concerns, fears, and limitations, a space for practising how to overcome these challenges and widen the boundaries of what they ever thought was possible.

MWF also knows that girls do want to have fun. And so in addition to tackling serious issues the festival provides a light-hearted playground for dance, movement, creativity, and connections.

Come curious, leave transformed.

What to expect:

Workshops | Talks | Ceremonies | Yoga | Dance and

Movement Classes | Cooking Classes | Film

Screenings | Fashion Show | Live Music | Dj Sets |

Female Artist | Exhibition and Performances

The three-day journey of the Modern Woman Festival is designed to follow the stages of every woman’s life as she ages. Day 1 is for the young Maiden, Day 2 for women aging to motherhood as Queens, and Day 3 for wise, long-lived women, the Crones. The daily sessions we offer correspond to the questions, issues, and curiosities of the body, mind, and soul for each of the three glorious life stages.

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