Yue Huan

Ms. Yue Huan is the General Manager of Asian Plam Film Limited, and founder of Shanghai Hongting Film Co., Ltd., which was established in 2010 in Shanghai. She has extensive experience in TV show and film industries, and has been a widely recognized film producer, screenwriter and best-seller book author, gaining her the name of “the most sought-after TV show producer in China”. She led in setting up the artist agent department within the company, which included a group of leading and popular actors and actresses. She has brought the famous Taiwan artist Joe Chen to a complete success who has been hailed as the Queen of Chinese TV Dramas. In the mean time, Ms. Yue Huan has led and produced a large number of award-winning TV dramas in China, creating groundbreaking records in remarkably high viewership. She started working for and played a major role in planning and screenwriting projects by Qiong Yao, a distinguished novelist and screenwriter who produced the internationally successful TV series “My Fair Princess”. Furthermore, Ms. Huan is a productive and outstanding best-seller book writer, who has written “Love Taipei”, “Paris Sonata” and etc..

Ms. Yue Huan is a graduate of the EMBA program of Changjiang Business School, and the Literature of Theatre Film & Television program from Beijing Broadcasting Institute (renamed as Communication University Of China).