CK is a fashion blogger and KOL of WeChat and Weibo page CKverymuch with over 490,000 followers. CK loves to share with her audiences about her fashion style, her work and daily life as well as her inspirations and insights on work and fashion.

She is also the founder of Fashion Brand: AS USUAL official, founded in 2016. “Powerful”、“Romance”、“Unpredictable” are the key words representing AS USUAL. Women who wear AS USUAL were called“AUgirls”, they are powerful in a gentle and quiet way, and we don't have grandstanding designs that hide details in the dark. We believe that barking deliberately distracts the listener. The “AUgirls” are romantic, and only sensible girls know that romance. The key message behind the brand is that “We dress not to please others, but to please ourselves”. They are also unpredictable. Maybe she decided to quit her job tomorrow to plant her favourite plants. Maybe she decided to leave someone tomorrow. But they are the “AUgirls”