Kinki Wang

Kinki founded Kyoga in Shanghai back in 2012, with her focus on health and to build up confidence of modern women. She was the first to bring in Aerial Yoga to China. She is pioneering in the yoga  and fitness industry in China, not only being innovative with her classes with targeted topics such as body shaping, fitness in office, and preventing breast cancer, she has also launched her own activewear brand Kinki.W, aiming to encourage women to embrace an active lifestyle through beautifully designed yoga wears. 

Kinki is also a successful influencer with more than 500k followers on Weibo and more than 400k on her Wechat accounts. Despite being invited for a lot of advertisements and TV shows, she has engaged in empowering pregnant women to stay active during their pregnancy by filming herself doing yoga during her pregnancy, while the video has gained ultimate success with more than 19 million view.