Mrs M

You cannot talk about the Mongolian Hip Hop scene – centered in her hometown of Ulaan Baatar – without talking about Mrs M. In many ways she IS the Hip Hop scene. But she’s much more than that, as she channels influences as diverse as Eryka Badu, Macy Gray and Sade But make no mistake about it, Mrs M is original.

Hip Hop has always been popular in Ulaan Baatar, which may sound odd to the Western observer, but as Mrs M explains it: ‘When the Soviet Union broke up in ’89 and we became a free country again, there was nobody speaking the truth about what was going on except rappers!’ So, just like in the US, the street poets provided a dose of reality about life – substitute the ghetto with the post-Soviet social vacuum. There were many rappers and rap groups that performed and even made albums, but the scene never really believed in itself commercially or socially until Mrs M came along.

Mrs M started recording and making DIY videos with like-minded souls around 3 years ago, and she quickly broke out with her smooth, sultry flow, and the ability to sing and rap – often combining the two effortlessly in the same song. Her single Bang has garnered a million YouTube views (a real feat in a country of only 3 million) and caught the attention of Hong Kong/US music label b2 Music – so much that they added the track onto their VIBE sponsored ‘Best of Asian Hip Hop’ compilation, Urban Asia Vol. 1. Now the same group has signed her for international artist management under their b2 talent Asia division.

Currently Mrs M is working on her first English language single ‘Tasty’ and will be performing dates in Hong Kong and China this fall. Following that will be her first full-length album with b2 Music, and spots at US festivals next year.