Rebecca Jessie McGeoch

RJM Style is a fashion dialogue exploring the everyday life and experiences of an Australian fashion stylist, blogger and YouTuber Rebecca McGeoch. Living in Hong Kong, Rebecca makes travels to surrounding creative hubs, through an oriental style odyssey inspired by all walks of life that strut the streets of Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and beyond. 

RJM Style is home to the fashion forward and the fashion friendly. It is an environment where conventional fashion rules are broken, where boundaries are pushed and where style is ever playful. A place where Rebecca’s style is revealed, from quirky fun and eclectic, to minimalist and clean, discover her fun take on fashion as she navigates her way through the latest trends. 
RJM Style is inspired by Hong Kong, the city that has fuelled Rebecca’s personal journey. One of the world’s most exhilarating destinations — dually fascinating and exasperating, a tangle of contradictions that blend seamlessly — expect street-style shoots that showcase Hong Kong’s diversity.