Chelsea Perino

Chelsea Perino graduated with a Masters Degree in Public and Organizational Relations with a focus on digital communications and brand strategy. She spent 2 years working for a leading digital advertising agency in New York City where she worked on the digital strategy team for several of Pernod Ricard’s portfolio brands, before embarking overseas to open a satellite office in Seoul, South Korea for another New York based agency. For the next two and a half years Chelsea lead digital strategy for a global telecommunications brand, a role which took her all over the world and involved projects such as implementing the brand communications program from the 2016 Rio de Janiero Summer Olympics and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  

In her most recent role based in Hong Kong, Chelsea is the Managing Director, Global Marketing & Communications for The Executive Centre, a premium flexible workspace provider with a presence in over 30 cities across APAC, where she has built both the marketing department and full brand strategy from scratch. She is passionate about how an effective 360 degree marketing program can be used to effectively achieve defined business objectives, increase a brand's transparency and build trust within the marketplace, and create meaningful relationships between brands and their target consumers. As an expert in international brand relations, she has an acute ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes, adapt global brand strategies to effectively reach local markets, and bridge the gap between international clients and agencies.