Tina Teng

Dr. Tina Teng is the Founder and Chief Director of Auswealth Investment Group, current Executive chairman of Australian Industry and Commerce Federation, and the youngest female in the 500 Club. She obtained EMBA degree from Peking University and Doctorate degree in Business Administration from Beijing Normal University.

Tina has engaged in the fashion industry since 2009 as Belle International’s general agency and wholesaler in Australia, which was a leading footwear and apparel retailer, previously listed in Hong Kong Exchange and reached a market value of HK$130 billion in 2013.

As one of the co-founders of NIT, also known as Beijing Aidi International School, Dr. Teng has actively participated in international education. Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Australian government, as well as documented by the State Ministry of Education, Beijing Aidi International School is the first and only school in China offering international-standard courses in English. These courses are recognised by most countries around the world including Australia, the United States and Britain.

Dr. Teng has also effectively played a crucial bridging role in government and business cooperation between China and Australia. She established Australian Industry and Commerce Federation Inc (AIACF), which is an International non- profit association in which entrepreneurs in the industrial and commercial circles all over the country have united. It was established in Perth, the capital city of the Australian state of Western Australia. It is a key bridge in the fields of economy, culture and commerce between Australia and the other countries. In the 9th – 12th December 2017, AIACF nominated by BRICA has hold the first Belt and Road Australia China Business Cooperation Forum in Sydney and Perth.

Moreover, Dr. Teng is also an active philanthropist, and is often involved in and supportive of various overseas Chinese communities and charity groups in Australia. She has set up Aidi Education scholarship in UWA for students majoring in Engineering, Computing and Mathematics.