Alice Sachot

Passionate about Handcrafts, Alice Sachot is a self-taught maker and experimenter. She has been making clothes since as far as she can remember, when her mother introduced her to sewing and knitting. Later on she fell in love with leather crafts and learnt shoemaking ; which lead her into launching 'La French Cut custom-made shoes' when she arrived in Hong Kong; one of the few places where shoes are still Handmade.
"Linking past and present, while looking ahead", Alice's creations are Unique, Refined and Timeless; they result from her passion for Arts and aesthetics, combined with her sense of details and multiple craft skills. She loves using various materials and trying new techniques to find the best balance between Comfort and Beauty.

"La French Cut is before all aiming for another way of producing and consuming: by taking the time to manufacture unique Custom Pieces according to individuals' needs, we want to offer other options than mass production and mass wasting."

Created to be unique, comfortable and refined, La French Cut Shoes are Handmade with care and 100% leather to ensure utmost quality. With Custom designs and Limited Collections available in Pop-ups and Online, La French Cut offers Unlimited Styles/ Colors options as well as a "Slow Fashion" approach: On-demand > less waste, Made Local > Less carbon print.

Main Collections and Appointments available at Ionic Shop, 123 Wellington Street, Central.

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