Maggie Wu

Maggie Wu Studio is a luxury lifestyle brand celebrating life and moments- both big and small. The brand releases beautiful silk womenswear and accessories throughout the year.

Having relocated to Hong Kong from New York via Singapore, founder and creative director Maggie Wu draws inspiration from her Chinese heritage and her travels throughout Asia. From Cantonese opera performed in an ancient alleyway of Guangzhou to wedding tea ceremonies held at secluded salons hidden away from the busy streets of Taipei, she found beauty in the often forgotten crafts of her heritage. Her goal is to capture this beauty in her creations- with a fresh and modern take on traditional heritage. Maggie Wu Studio’s inspiration embraces both Eastern and Western interpretations of Chinese motifs. Her delicate crowns are reminiscent of the vines found on Chinese Coromandel screens while her hairpins were inspired by the flowering branches seen in Chinese landscape art. Her clothing is made from luxurious silk, which has a rich history in Chinese heritage; each piece is lightweight, versatile, and can be worn a number of ways. The organic details and neutral palette bring a modern twist to the romantic looks. Last but not least, she releases thoughtfully curated gift sets for celebrating women on their moments.