Sheila Claudi

Sheila Claudi-Partrat is Co-founder and Managing Director of Hong Kong based Protelicious , an innovative health and gourmet food company, providing better ways to reach health and beauty-from-the-inside goals without sacrificing taste. Protelicious brings to market a line of gourmet whey protein from grass fed cows that is naturally powerful antioxidant, detoxifier and immune builder and is available at finer health, F&B establishments, more recently in luxury hotels as well as servicing a growing online community. Sheila graduated in Food Science from University of McGill and completed a master of Economics and media studies from University of Paris II. Sheila is also a published author on the pathways between food and health, a TEDx speaker,  and Kundalini Yoga Teacher with over 5000 hours of training, teaching and mentoring. Last but not least, Sheila is the proud mom of three great teens.