Accounting and bookkeeping are necessary for trade and commerce, but many entrepreneurs struggle to manage their cash flow and financial projection, ultimately causing the company financial difficulty. The FEW team provides advice and suggest systems available for tracking assets, liabilities, and income enabling you to make smart and informed business decisions.

Our CFO, Katherine, and partner, CanAsia, offer support to help you build a strong financial report to keep you abreast with the company’s financial performance and overall health. More details on our financial health consultant packages can be found here:



1 on 1 professional consulting session (1hour/per month)

  • assist management to prepare annual budget

  • advise on analysis, identification of KPIs

Professional accounting services

  • File original invoices and documents, and record each journal entry based on these documents

  • prepare general ledgers, sub ledgers, and trial balance

  • prepare balance sheet, statement of income and cash flow

  • prepare breakdown of operation expenses

  • prepare monthly financial statement and breakdown of operating expense according to reporting template

  • prepare financial projection on annual and quarterly basis

  • assist on annual tax filling

  • other routine accounting related consulting services

  • Access to CanCan App that integrates business management, accounting and financial management

CanCan app helps you manage:

  • Reimbursement application & approval

  • Cash in advance application & approval

  • Business trip application & approval

  • Payment application & approval

  • Expenses analysis

  • Financial statement

  • Receivable tracking

  • Project management

  • Invoice management

  • Customised technical support

  • Assist annual inspection for foreign currency

  • Other routine accounting related consulting services

Assistance on annual audit

  • Arrangement of annual audit and liaison with the auditor on materials to be provided

  • Prepare the materials required by auditor

  • Discuss with auditors on significant audit issues

  • Discuss with management team on the audit issues

  • Arrangement of annual audit and liaison with the auditor on the materials to be provided

  • Assist and coordinate with the auditor on profit tax computation for Hong Kong company


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About our CFO:


Katherine is a seasoned accountant turned tech entrepreneur. CanAsia provides acting CFO services to fast-growing tech/internet companies and financial due diligence services to funds. Prior to establishing CanAsia, Katherine has worked for over 12 years in KPMG (Canada, Shanghai and Hong Kong) in IPO projects for China Mobile and Sinopec. With over 20 years of multi-faceted work experience in China as a professional accountant, entrepreneur and private equity investor, Katherine has been involved in over 150 investment deals throughout this period.



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