Christelle Ho, Co founder of TopDoc

Few words about your business:

Founded in June 2013, TopDoc is the first interactive online medical platform in Hong Kong. TopDoc offers medical online booking from the web and mobile, enabling convenience and efficiency to both patients and health care professionals. The company aims to transform traditional offline doctor-patient relationship to interactive and accessible 24/7 online community.  

Your entrepreneurial journey:

My journey started with a friend who insisted to publish an app on the Apple Store. So we've developed the 1st navigation system for Hong Kong public transport used by over 13000 people. Actually there is a really funny story about it: the first time I met a friend, he tried to sell me on my app. And I kept telling him that I knew the app because I MADE it, he kept on emphasizing on all the cool features, it had. He finally realized I was at the origin of it, after 10 minutes.

Then I co-founded a digital marketing agency: Max Odyssey focused on online branding with one of our mobile app featured at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

And finally when two unrelated friends came to me with the same idea (which would become TopDoc) at the same time, I thought I have to do it. We came up with an extraordinary team and started prototyping. 

Along the way, I got a lot of help from friends.

Challenges you faced:

In most cases, there are 3 things a female entrepreneur needs to manage: her business, herself and her family. And every component is important.

Personally, I constantly need to convince myself: what am I trying to achieve, why would it work, how to realise it?

Creating a startup is a constant lonely struggle. Some learn to enjoy it and ride the wave and in time, I hope it will be my case. 

Tips to our female entrepreneurs:

Stay focus. Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and where you’re going.

Don’t take it personally. You can build on any feedback. The worse is no feedback.

Know yourself. Contrary to a number of people I know I need to sleep to be productive.

Look for balance. Participate in sport, read a lot (maybe from other entrepreneurs), socialize. Yoga helped me stay healthy and sane.

I believe that building a great start up begins by finding smart people you enjoy working with. Who agrees? Share your experience.