Amandine Azam, Founder of Treasure Me Creative

This week on FEW Member's Corner, we would like to introduce you to Amandine Azam, Founder of Treasure Me Creative, a graphic design company, and the blogger behind @dreamsofabadie.

Hi Amandine, what led you to become an entrepreneur?

Born and raised in the South of France, I have lived in Hong Kong for 3 years. I arrived in Hong Kong to validate my master’s degree in International Business but fell in love with this amazing cosmopolitan city and decided to start my career here. From Finance to Marketing, all my previous jobs helped me and encouraged me to create my own company. Treasure Me Creative is a graphic design company for businesses and especially female led-businesses looking to elevate their brand through the power of branding.

Through collaboration with passionate owners we combine both strategy and style together - resulting in a brand presence that is a pleasurable and memorable image for customers. Our services: Branding —Logo,  Brand Development, Visual Identity Design Digital — Editorial Design, E-Book Design, Media Kits, Brand Manuals, CV... Print—Packaging Design, Catalogues,  Stationery, Post Cards... Social Media Marketing— Account Management, Instagram Visual Strategy, Social Graphics, Online Advertising…


What inspired you to start your company?

I always dreamed about an entrepreneurship career and creating my dream job. I did it! In my previous job as Marketing and Community Manager for a number of great companies in Hong Kong, I realised the importance of branding as an essential component of the overall business strategy.  Being able to communicate your passion through the images you share, creates interest and loyalty with your clients and customers. Marketing and branding create a bridge of communication between a business and its customers. If you think of some of the most iconic brands, what makes them so memorable?  It’s usually bold graphics, wonderful packaging and engaging ads. Graphic design is something that drives advertising and attracts us to brands. Graphic designs are present everywhere and they give your company a face and visual presentation.

So far, what's the most challenging part of your journey?

Managing my week as a freelancer: I still have a tough time managing everything.  As a full-time freelancer, you’re essentially running your own small business. You wear many hats - your industry-specific hat (in my case, designer), accountant, coordinator, social media and marketing manager - the list goes on. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in client projects and forget about all the other not-so-fun responsibilities. I quickly realised that there needs to be some sort of routine in place so that I don’t lose my mind. But at the end of the day, all these challenges are so exciting, and I can’t wait to see the future of Treasure Me creative.



On building trust

Creating an unforgettable client experience is the key for strong credibility! Word of mouth marketing and referrals from past clients has been the number one way I’ve built my business and established my credibility. It has enabled me to create a strong portfolio in my graphic design business over the last few months. Giving your clients an experience they will be talking about for weeks, months, heck even years after is the way to accomplish this. It is building a brand around an experience and not just a business. Is the process of working with you clearly outlined? Do you answer their questions before they ask them? Are you providing resources, tips and advice along the way? Paying attention to every little detail like this is a great way to focus on how your clients will feel and experience your brand. From every click to every drop of communication, you want to feel like a trusted friend!

On starting a business

  • Passion is the number one, you need to know your business and be fully committed that you want to succeed in this area!

  • Before you launch it’s important to understand the scope of the project: poll your audience and make sure you understand their pain points and speak directly to them with a solution.

  • Saving - make sure that during the tough time you can live correctly, and you need to invest in the right things in order to have a successful business.

On success

I collaborated with amazing brands in Hong Kong. My personal satisfaction comes from being able to see my design out in a shop and see my clients run their business thanks to my advices or designs. Looking for my first employee to join the team, this is also my first victory!