Bhawna Shetty, Founder of The Green Platters

We would like to introduce you to Bhawna Shetty, founder of The Green Platters, a new delicious platter and catering service in town!


Hello Bhawna, we have tasted your platters! They are delicious! 

Thank you for the compliment! Healthy eating while being sustainable has been a part of me for quite some time. My love of food, and determination to create something long-lasting, while also committing to reducing the plastic waste in food production, has influenced all my decisions! It all took shape while planning my daughter’s birthday party. I wanted food unlike traditional catering, that was eco-friendly and made sure everyone with various diet restrictions were also included. 

Tell us more about the platters!

We stand by 3 core values of promoting sustainable food, eco-friendly packaging and giving back to the community.

We specialise in meat-free table platters. Our premium cheeses and organic produce are handpicked to give the best quality and value to our customers. Our vegan cheeses are handcrafted in Hong Kong using cashews or macadamia nuts. We have a variety of flavours like kimchi, paprika, curry and more. We also collaborate with local vendors to create a sustainable community that helps one another. Collaboration is the key for us!

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You launched The Green Platters being 95% plastic free from the start. Can you shed some more light on this?

The Green Platters is dedicated to reduce the waste associated with food packaging. We place strong emphasis on usage of eco-friendly packaging and recycling and constantly strives to offer customers artisan products with minimal waste. We would like to create awareness by being the first HK-based grazing company providing eco-friendly options.

So far, what is the biggest challenge for you when you started The Green Platters and how did you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge was plastic usage and reducing it’s consumption around overall food production. I just couldn’t bear seeing all single use plastic being thrown around and the kind of world I will leave for my kids, for our future generation.

We took little steps by engaging vendors who support recycling and keep support us with similar packaging options. Also by using bio-degradable packaging options for our boxes and platters. Lucky to have had clients who support us as well! It’s still a long way to create awareness about all the plastic usage.

What advice would you give our members if they want to start a business?
You will never feel you are ready 100% or your product/service is perfect to launch. Just go ahead, follow your heart and launch with your first work-able product. Keep improvising from there and you will do wonders, I am sure! 

Be the change you wish to see in the world
— Bhawna Shetty favourite's quote from Mahatma Gandhi