Chris Edwards, Founder of Honeycombers

Hello dear! This week on FEW Members' Corner, we would like to introduce you to Chris Edwards, Founder of Honeycombers, an online lifestyle and city guide for the coolest cafes, the best underground music, tasty cocktails and local art.

Hello Chris, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey?

I started Honeycombers 10 years ago because as a young expat living in Asia, I found it hard to find a publication that spoke to me. Prior to starting Honeycombers I worked in marketing and publishing, so it was a natural transition. What I didn't know was 1 month after launching I would find out I was pregnant, I have since had 3 kids, so I have been juggling entrepreneurism on not a lot of sleep!

What inspired you to start your company?

I was living in Singapore and everyone around me kept saying 'Singapore is so boring', but I knew it wasn't. I was working for a street publication at the time, and there was HEAPS of things to do - but not many of my friends read the local press - so I thought there was a gap to create a really cool publication, completely online, that really connected with the young 20-somethings living in the city seeking inspiration. I wanted to create something inspiring, something unique and a platform with passion.

So far,  what's the most challenging part of your journey? 

I think the hardest thing is - you don't know what you don't know. I know that sounds slightly crazy, but I am sure the entrepreneurs reading this will know what I mean!



On fundraising

We are completely self funded, which means we haven't really had a typical fundraising journey. I worked on the business initially for 3 years unpaid in order to create the business from a positive cash flow initially.

On growing teams

People are the most important thing at Honeycombers, finding, retaining and motivating our talented team is front and centre of everything we do. I think if you have a business that inspires people, then that is half the battle won.

On running a business

Keep learning and asking questions, knowledge is very powerful - and so many people are happy to help you, if you are keen enough to learn.

On success

My personal success is creating my business along with creating my family. Company success is creating a place where people enjoy coming to work, and you are making a positive impact to the world. Myself in three words: happy, outgoing, driven.

On building credibility and trust

Honesty and believing in yourself and what you stand for - you need to understand your 'why' so you can communicate it clearly to others. People need to believe in you, understand your motives and respect what you do.

On the top three things to consider before starting your own business…

  1. Have the personal drive and commitment to be able to go the distance - it's definitely not a smooth, straight line growing a business, it's ups and downs all the way.

  2. Ensure that your product or idea is unique and solves a problem for your customer,

  3. Continuously seek knowledge, because knowledge is power.

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