Constance Mandefield & Tuyen Lamy, Co-founders of alche{me}

This week on FEW Members' Corner, we would like to introduce you to Constance Mandefield & Tuyen Lamy, Co-founders of Alcheme Skincare, an innovative beauty brand using technology to create precise personalised skincare solutions in real-time, manufacturing on-demand with minimal wastage.

Hi ladies, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey?

Each of us has been working in the skincare industry for the past decade. We both met when working at Clarins, a leading Beauty brand. Tuyen was head of Retail, training and CRM and Constance head of Strategy for Asia-Pacific. This is where they forged the idea of personalised skincare to make the quest for beautiful skin an enjoyable, pleasant and effortless journey.

What inspired you to start your company?

We were inspired by our conversations with women, who shared that they were not completely confident of knowing what their skin concerns were. That’s why we decided to harness developments in technology to create a platform that not only educated women on their skin needs, but also offered personalised and high-performance solutions to help them meet their skin goals. We officially took the plunge and started working full-time on alche in January 2017 – developing product formulations from scratch, setting up our R&D lab and production site, as well as designing Alcheme’s proprietary online consultation platform. According to our research, 75% of women unknowingly use the wrong skincare products for their skin types. Bespoke solutions will help to address this, and on a broader level, will change the way we consume skincare altogether because it finally allows us to streamline our routines, without compromising on results.

So far,  what's the most challenging part of your journey?

One of our toughest challenges was to find the right production set-up until we decided to get the full R&D and production in-house to be able to guarantee the level of quality of the products and be able to address customers’ skin concerns very quickly.

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On running business

Get the set up right from scratch. Think about the legal part of the business as it could be more difficult to fix it afterwards. Partnering with a Singaporean or a PR in the team, does facilitate a lot the set-up and free up time to think about the real business.

On building credibility

It is tough to build a brand from scratch. In skincare, where perceived expertise and trust are critical before a customer even considers buying your product, it is even more challenging! True personalisation, i.e. each bottle made to measure for each customer is a new concept in Singapore. People are very curious about how it actually works. So one of the key challenges we have is communicating and educating on the benefits of personalisation as well as how we make to measure for each customer.

On success

One of our key successes would have to be our personalised formulations. We worked on them from scratch, with our R&D advisor who used to be the head of R&D for Clarins. It’s a huge source of pride to have gone through the entire development and testing phase, get amazing feedback from customers… and get repeat purchase on top of that!

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