Ekta Tejwani, Founder of Mumz

This week on FEW Members' Corner, we would like to introduce you to Ekta Tejwani, Founder of MUMZ, a Tinder-like mobile application that is developed for mothers to be able to search, meet and connect other mothers in the community for FREE.

Hello Ekta, please tell us more about what you do.

As a woman in tech with years of experience in the technology industry and an MBA combined with a necessity as an expat mother, I decided to turn my passion project into my own venture. And so, MUMZ was born - a community of parents brought together through a Tinder like app! I wanted a platform that could help moms and dads find, connect and meet other nearby parents based on area, their children's age, common interests and favourite times to meet. Available on iOS and Android we had our soft launch in March and look forward to launching the full version soon!

Profile- App.png

What inspired you to start your company?

I went from working full time to living an expat life in Hong Kong. I had my first child away from family support. I remember my own childhood fondly, it was full of family gatherings and I played many fun games with my cousins. To this day we have nostalgic conversations about those good times. I soon realised my son was missing this and something had to be done. Hong Kong is a very international and transient place where many different languages are spoken, which it makes it more difficult to make like minded friends and find playmates for your kids. And, even when we find friends we regularly need to start all over again after they move on. This led me to develop MUMZ, a geolocation app to connect parents and ultimately their children.

So far,  what's the most challenging part of your journey?

I started crowdfunding for MUMZ last January with a 2-month campaign. I wanted to vet the idea, find support and gain ideas for future enhancements to the app. Up until this point the app was fully self-funded but it had not been an easy journey! Driven by passion and with the support of the families, friends and parents,  we became 100% funded, even with 8 days remaining! The surprising beauty of this was that the support still poured in until the last day of the campaign!

What are your tips for someone who wants to crowdfund an idea?

I am no expert at fundraising, this was my first time! But, I would surely like to share my two cents. I love the concepts of the "P's" - for crowdfunding I would say my three P's were 1) Planning. Divide your crowdfunding project into segments. Break the segments down further into smaller parts and plan how are you going to put all these segments back together to create the final picture with the same message. 2) Proactive. During the campaign expect the unexpected. There are many variables which means that set plans cannot always prevail, be prepared and be proactive. 3) People. It is MOST important to connect with people, your audience, let them know your real story! 


What can mums do on the app?

  1. You can meet other mums to organise playdates for your kids and refine your search based on your area, kid’s age, kid’s interests and specifics

  2. You can organise as well as be notified of playdates/events through this feature. You also have the option of helper/nanny led playdates for busy mums who are unavailable or away at work.

  3. You are up-to-date and well informed about kid-friendly events, after-school activities, sporty outdoor events and many learnings with fun.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/meetmumz

Website: www.meetmumz.com