Gosia, Founder of Gosia Orlowska Designs

We would like to introduce you to Gosia, Founder of  GOSIA ORLOWSKA DESIGNS, an intentional jewellery collection of beautiful pieces that also help to enhance one’s inner balance.

About Gosia Orlowska Designs

Named after the company’s founder, CEO, and Head of Design, Gosia Orlowska Designs has become a global player in the designer and intentional jewellery space. Gosia artfully combines the best of Asian cultural craftsmanship and meaning with timeless European flair, whilst sourcing the highest quality precious stones, crystals and metals to perfect the creations. The designer intentional pieces are destined to be worn by women with a strong sense of self belief, style and individuality, yet they’re still playful and adaptable for the woman who gets what she wants in life.


Hello Gosia! Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

I originally born in Poland and moved from Eastern Europe to Hong Kong over twenty years ago, and now i consider Asia as my home. I moved to Hong Kong at a time when few people from Poland were even thinking of moving to Western Europe, let alone all the way to The Far East! It was risky at first. I did not know anyone, I could not speak the language, and Asia’s culture was totally new to me, but it did not take me long to fall in love with its people, diversity, it’s long and illustrious history and it’s remarkable culture. I had finally found my calling and my newly adopted home. I have always known I wanted to be creative so I started off working in interior design alongside a HK architect for a few years before deciding to jump into the world of fashion and design. If you look at my earlier collections you’ll find that more fashion jewellery, which is much more chunky and bold, whereas as the years have passed I have found a way to blend in my two passions, jewellery and spirituality to create intentional pieces which are perhaps more subtle but with much more meaning.

What inspired you to start your company?

My main inspiration for starting my online jewellery business, was my long love of fashion and design. To me, nothing feels better than creating something unique and beautiful from scratch, which reflect my emotions and transform my thoughts and ideas into something that is in effect an extension of myself, my taste, my weaknesses and my passion!


So far,  what's the most challenging part of your journey?

Thinking about it now, I have always had a hard time sharing tasks with others because I’m always convinced that I can do it all on my own and that asking for help will be taken as a sign of weakness. This in consequence led me to taking on projects that have been overwhelming, unachievable and in the long run making me frustrated or angry. It hasn’t been easy learning to let my pride go, but I’ve been working on trusting others and sharing the responsibilities for projects and as a result, have been able to really accomplish some incredible things.

What’s your personal success and company success?

I would say my personal success is my beautiful daughter Leah and my company success has been working and designing with Armani in NYC as well as selling in one of the world’s largest department stores all around the world.


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On being an entrepreneur…

You will always have a love/hate relationship with your business somewhere along the road! There will be days you can’t sleep because you’re so excited about what’s happening in your business, and equally there will also be days when you can’t wait to get into bed because of everything that went wrong. During that cycle, you will experience a crazy range of emotions, however it is important to never make business decisions during these emotional times. I’ve learnt to ride the ups and downs and embrace the the path I chose, whether it be good or bad.

On fundraising…

I used my own money at the beginning, then I was lucky to find additional funding from someone who believed in my business and my passion. Never stop believing that dreams can come true! Secondly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, learn from your mistakes so that you can really appreciate and be thankful for the times when you are successful! Vision without execution is just an illusion, so make those dreams come true!

On growing teams…

For anyone starting a business, it is so important to put yourself out there! To meet all different kinds of people and not to worry about whether or not something is right or wrong, we can learn from every situation and you never know what can happen along the way. Also if you have an idea believe in yourself, and value your judgement because no one else should sway your thinking, discourage you or influence you to do something you wouldn’t.


On building build credibility and trust…

Being transparent with your partners and customers for me is number one! Recognising and being open about the company’s strengths and weaknesses gives great credibility and trust to your customers. If some of my jewellery isn’t right for the customer, I would never urge them to buy it. I always think how I would feel and put myself into my customers or partners shoes!

On top three things someone should consider before starting their own business…

Starting your own business is very rewarding but also extremely challenging. I would say that passion is very important, you have to enjoy and believe in your business to be able to lift it from the ground up, otherwise your work does not become pleasurable which world be the worst thing that can happen to yourself and your business.

Secondly, if your not willing in to put in the hours of hard work, no one else will at the end of the day. Vision is also a big thing to consider, there must always be an end goal in what you what to achieve and how you want to do that.

Vision without execution is just an illusion
— Gosia favourite's quote