Jacqueline & Alice, Co-Founders of Barre Formula

We would like to introduce to you a new studio in Kowloon district: Barre Formula, founded by Jacqueline and Alice!

Barre formula is founded by a Ballerina and a yogi in Kowloon. It is the ultimate destination to strengthen, relax and reconnect your mind and body with classes that are a blend of strengthening, cardio, and mindfulness.

Hello Jac and Alice, congrats on your recent launch!
Thanks! We are excited to launch Barre Formula, an Australian barre body method, to Hong Kong.  We both bring our knowledge and experience in ballet and yoga into an inspiring and fun workout, combining the benefits of dance, yoga, strength training, and intensity interval training in a unique formula. We offer Barre, Yoga and Cardio Classes. You will surely leave the studio feeling stronger, happier and healthier!

Exciting! Why did you ladies decide to start Barre Formula? 

We were work colleagues since 2011. Although we worked in the same team, we have totally different personalities and characters, a classic case of introvert vs. extrovert. Yet, our beliefs and values in life have brought us together to become best friends. 

Jacqueline: I am a ballerina with 17 years of dance experience. My determination and passions in dance, Barre and fitness enabled myself to influence and inspire people around me. I enjoy spreading my energy and happiness.

Alice: I am a yogi and I am passionate about developing people and bringing them onto the journey to experience yoga, and to know oneself. I also enjoy inspiring people around myself through yoga practices. I love to teach and sees increasingly more people gaining the benefit exercise, eating well, and living a healthy life. I inspire everybody to feel stronger, happier and healthier after my yoga classes.

Jacqueline: In early 2018, a sudden thought sparked through my mind – “why don’t I quit my corporate world and use my passion and strength to empower and inspire people around me?”  So I texted Alice, my colleague since 2011 and asked, “Do you want a business partner? Let’s do something big!” and the simple answer from her, within a second was, “YES, I DO!” 

Alice: Opening a studio to spread the word is my passion and dream, and at the right moment when Jac asked, I simply said yes, and this, is how the formula begins.

What's the most challenging part of your journey?

Educating and promoting what Barre is. It’s a fairly new workout in Hong Kong but we are devoted to providing the best-personalized experience and advice to each client who comes to our studio.


On the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business: 
Why do you want to start a business and what do you want to achieve from it? Is it only about money? What is your target customers and how do you differentiate from your competitors?