Leanne Lam, Founder of Le Lumière Events

We would like to introduce you to Leanne Lam, Founder of Le Lumière Events, a bespoke premium event planning company.

About Le Lumière Events

Le Lumière Events focuses on premium event management and gifting. A top to bottom service to organise your perfect event from idea development, venue sourcing, decorating, cake and floral arrangements, to photography and transport arrangements. The company also provide a line of premier products including balloons, cakes, and florals to lighten up your gatherings, graduations, birthdays and other occasions.


Hello Leanne! What inspired you to found Le Lumière Events?

I have always been an event planner for myself and nothing makes me happier than seeing the satisfaction on the guests’ faces when they attend a beautiful event.

There are ups and downs in life. Many people pay attention to the stresses and negativity the city brings to us. But we are here to celebrate life, to bring light to everyone’s day to day, and make the moments worth celebrating - a one of a kind of experience.


What're your tips for planning an event?

Most people would begin by thinking about the space, the cost and the resources at hand however, I would encourage you to start by thinking about the end then start mapping it backwards. When you have a vision for the event, you then know how to be resourceful, allocate budget and work around your constraints properly.

Secondly, always know your themes and style. There are many events where it is mixed with too many styles and it confuses the audience. Some popular themes include vintage, floral, tropical, minimalist etc. It is definitely best to keep to a maximum of one or two styles. Of course, you can always consult us at Le Lumière for any questions!


What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

There are many lessons I've come across along the way. One I think that many ambitious, goal-oriented women can relate to is the acceptance of failure and the realisation that you cannot be perfect at everything. Acceptance does not mean giving up though, it is to understand there is a long process and progress to every success. Never blame yourself or think that you are not enough no matter how big the road block is. What you long for will be on its way with immense hard work and perseverance.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

I have always looked up to Sheryl Sandberg. Growing up surrounded by traditional Chinese culture, I was always told that girls have to meet certain expectations in society and going far with a career was not one of them. I was also taught that women cannot have both a career and a family, but Sandberg’s example teaches me otherwise. She really gave me the courage to believe in myself and helped me decide to start a business without worrying about other people’s opinions.

We Create, You Celebrate
— Leanne favourite's quote