Listen up: 5 podcasts for entrepreneurs

A free and efficient tool, podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insight that you can soak up while commuting, working out, cooking or catching up on emails.

The founder of #impact Podcast -- which covers socially conscious entrepreneurs -- Regina Larko shares her favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs. The versatile list covers everything from explanatory online marketing advice to insightful interviews with start-up founders about valuable lessons along the way.

About #impact Podcast
Hong Kong-based #impact Podcast features innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, tackling big-picture problems. She speaks to both male and female game changers who are impacting the world with their work one day at a time. A few movers and shakers include Christina Dean, Founder of Redress; Sarah Fung, of HULA; and Xania Wong, of JOBDOH.

Head over for #impact Podcast's #girlbossmoments and hear the stories of the amazing power women featured on the show so far.

Monocle's The Entrepreneurs

“Produced in London, The Entrepreneurs was the first Podcast on entrepreneurial stories I ever downloaded, and I am still a huge fan today. The episodes are always very well researched, and the host Daniel Giacopelli has a wonderfully soothing voice.

He tracks down inspiring start-up founders and asks just the right questions. Since I started podcasting myself, I am even more impressed by this beautiful production, that’s pleasing to the ear and the mind. It’s always good to hear what challenges other entrepreneurs are facing and how they are overcoming them.”

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

“Amy has lots of actionable advice -- she makes online marketing sound easy AND fun. Whenever I listen to one of her Online Marketing Made Easy episodes, I can not wait to try out what she suggested. Amy includes plenty of freebie tutorials in her show, and it's always a great investment of my time to check in with her newest release.”

Making the Entrepreneur

Making the Entrepreneur podcast is an interview series run by the very talented Jess Catorc. Although it has not been updated recently, the available 26 episodes will keep you occupied for a while. She lets listeners join in her conversations with people that she looks up to when it comes to running a business.”

Favorite episode: ‘Emma D’Arcy on Understanding Consumer Psychology.' Psychology is a topic I find intriguing, as I always want to understand why people do what they do and what drives them. This episode gives great insights into the role psychology plays when it comes to your (potential) customers’ decisions.”

No Filter with Mia Freedman

“On No Filter, the amazingly -- at times even brutally -- honest Mia Freedman is such a refreshing listen. Her attitudes towards life, work and family are thought-provoking and for sure will be useful to other women as well who try to juggle this crazy little thing called life. She speaks to people from all walks of life, from the Australian Prime Minister to busy working mums.

Favorite episode: “Rochelle Courtenay Is Changing The World One Tampon At A Time”

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

“Speaking of honesty and filterless conversations... Of course, I have to mention Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso. It is always inspiring hearing from female entrepreneurs that share their stories of success and failure. But if the interviews are presented by the hilarious host Sophia Amoruso, the original girlboss and author of the New York Times Bestseller #girlboss, you can be sure that you will also have lots of fun while listening.

“In this show, you find loads of insights on how other girlbosses run their business. There is so much girl power and energy in this production that I feel like dancing on a rainbow when listening to it. Though this one has not been updated for a while, there are many hours of material to enjoy."

The Call

The Call is another podcast that I just discovered recently quickly shot to the top of my list. The host Erica Williams Simon is full of energy, so genuine and although it does not only focus on entrepreneurial challenges the topics are all so relatable. It’s all about female empowerment, perfect for your community.”

Favorite episode: Episode 004 with Tiffany Dufu is so inspiring. They speak about women’s leadership and how to grow in positions of leadership. 

Regina’s top podcast tools

“I keep my podcasts organized with the pre-installed iPhone podcast app, which I use daily. Episodes update automatically, so the newest episodes are always only one click away. I have the function set to only update and load when I am on Wi-Fi to avoid my mobile data usage going through the roof.

Recently, I started experimenting with Radio Public app, which actually makes it easier to share curated podcast playlists with others. Friends that use Android told me Podcast Addict is a good app to listen via Android.”