Mazing Lee, Co-founder of Lify Wellness

This week on FEW Members' Corner, we would like to introduce you to Mazing Lee, Co-founder of Lify, the world’s first smart herbal brewer that provides a personalised wellness tea experience on demand.

Hi Mazing, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey?

My sister Connie and I founded the design company Contact Design and lifestyle experience centre The Contact Store where we focused on creating lifestyle products and experiences for brands ranging from smart coffee brewers, designer bikes and award-winning tea collection. Since 2017, we founded Lify, a wellness-tech platform with the vision to create and design tech-driven solutions for wellness pursuits. We were selected as a tech incubatee at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. I come from a corporate background, where I managed a portfolio of luxury brands in Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong. Where as my sister, Connie works on innovation and she is an award-winning industrial design entrepreneur.

What inspired you to start your company?

Both of us are passionate about wellness and we want to create a smart and accessible experience for everyone to embark on a healthy lifestyle. We have the idea to reinvent and translate traditional herbal wisdom into a simple yet sophisticated system by providing insights into how we can drink smart and experience the essence of East-meets-West culture.

Our core product is the world’s first smart herbal brewer that provides a personalised wellness tea experience on demand. Equipped with an AI wellness recommendation engine and a wide range of wellness tea blends in pod format, Lify brewer delivers a cup of perfect tea in under 45 seconds with one-touch of button, thanks to our patented brewing technology. We make sure there is no excuse for urban dwellers to not be drinking right! We insist in creating products that are ethical, natural and earth-friendly. We respect the origin of our teas and ensure that our tea pods are 100% biodegradable after use.  

Before the official launch of Lify smart herbal brewer, the product has received multiple international design awards, including Good Design Award, A&D Trophy Awards 2018, A&D China Awards, IDA Design Awards in both Kitchen Appliance and Design For Society, A'Design Awards.

So far,  what's been the most challenging part of your journey?

As we are building an ecosystem, it takes tremendous effort to understand every part of our supply chain, from tea sourcing to production facility. In order to make sure we deliver the best quality in cup, we have to travel all around the world just to get the best raw ingredients in place. To bring different parties and expertise together is always a challenge, and we are fortunate to have gathered a network of collaborators who share the same vision as us. Also, what we are creating is a new lifestyle to pursuit wellness, and it takes time to adopt the habit. This is why we have the idea to set up an AI-driven wellness engine together with herbal experts and health coaches to educate our potential customers on a new perspective of natural remedies.


On fundraising

Believe in yourself, keep practicing and fine-tuning your pitch. Be humble to take in other’s advice with a critical mind. Pivot when you feel ready, not because investors asked you to. Also, have a plan B in case fundraising does not work.

On running a business

Building long-term and meaningful relationships is important – you never know when it comes handy.

On Success

Personal success is when your friends relate you to your brand. Company success is when people other than you friends relate you to your brand. Real, motivated, amazing!