Nicole Lui, Co-founder of Noirstone

We would like to introduce you to Nicole Lui, co-founder of NOIRSTONE, an online portal that brings luxurious skincare and wellness products while cultivating the link between skin, body and mental health.

About Noirstone
NOIR : Simplicity | Elegance STONE : Natural Substance | Zen | Energy | Grounded
Noirstone is an online portal that brings luxurious skincare and wellness products while cultivating the link between skin, body and mental health. We live in dense cities where trends and misleading information is in abundance.  Our choices, along with outside factors, cause a mass consumption of what we don’t need in our bodies and mind.  Being reminded to a step back to simplicity is vital. There’s a saying - Simplicity is the key to brilliance and ultimate sophistication.


Hello Nicole! What inspired you to start Noirstone? 

I was born with bowel issues, battles with a thyroid tumour, overweight, and Rosacea before turning into a well maintained self.  I also have few ADHD and potential ASD family members. Having to see the people around me, both familial and societal, go through the frustrations of being misdiagnosed, mistreated, and / or over medicated by fraud practices broke me.  

This lead me to start doing research about these various ailments and dig deeper into the connections between them while focusing on different clinical, functional, integrative, and holistic treatments.  This has been my lifestyle for close to a decade.

Right before I started Noirstone, I discovered Miranda Kerr’s (Founder of Kora) mother Therese Kerr (founder of The Divine Company), who is a cancer survivor and health advocate.  I adore her vision, passion and certified organic products on making a change on our daily living. This is when I bootstrapped Noirstone to promote the #selflove lifestyle.


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running Noirstone?

Things do not go as planned but doors are always opened. Right after this company took off, I had a huge shift at work as our former shareholder and I both grew apart and a majority of the fund was withdrawal from the company.  The lone journey of running the company in two different continents under such stressful situation was absolutely exhausting.  Particularly my family was affected and was put under certain level of stress while I flew back and forth in between Hong Kong and Montreal, it wasn't a cool move.

I then met a cool person who gave me an advice left me felt like a punch in the gut, but it worked like wonder, a huge chunk of clarity chimed in.  It helped me figure every pieces out and brought the business back on track. The whole transition was painful but was worth it, things happened unexpectedly but it redirected me to a better path. 


What makes your platform different?

I believe every business has its own uniqueness.  “Start with why” not only applies to leadership, but it also applies to skin, body and mental care. We know WHAT the issues are and HOW to treat them, however most of us might not know WHY it happens (like when people go through breakups).  

Our focus is on finding the root causes instead of JUST covering up the symptoms while helping our clients find it easier to understand the fundamental sciences behind. We also select a range of premium holistic products to help urban busy people start healthy habits with ease and minimal restrictions. Good regimen choices definitely are investments, not expenses.  

What is your personal success?
I would say my personal  success is being authentic and have gratitude. In terms of company success, I am proud that Noirstone focuses on delivering "Quality" and put ourselves in the others' shoes.


On growing teams…
Practice patience and forgiveness as everyone learns from mistakes.

On building credibility and trust with different parties… 
Admit our own flaws is the key. NO business is perfect, we keep evolving and improving by lessons from our imperfection.  We take advices, feedbacks and criticism as signs or reminders to help us know what needs to be improved, it benefits the company, customers and business partners for the long term.


On the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business…

First, find the true purpose on starting business, especially the market keeps changing, understand following the trend might not provide what the market needs.  Distractions often pop up, so having clarity and knowing what you stand for are important.
Second, be full stack.  Even you might just look into investing or  outsourcing professionals, but as an investor or entrepreneur, it's always vital to know the fundamentals as well as general concepts of each position and event.
Third, be ready for uncountable times of rejections before ringing the success bell.  But I can promise you that being rejected means to be redirected.  One door closes, another door opens, my friends.