Parul Bhandari, Founder of Cresta Consulting Co.

This week on FEW Members' Corner, we would like to introduce you to Parul Bhandari, Founder of Cresta Consulting, a firm that provides management services for technology and digital transformation initiatives.

Hi Parul, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey? 

Cresta Consulting Co is a firm that assists small to medium startup's & entrepreneurs to run their operations and business in a streamlined method that promotes effective use of of time, cost, resources, staff and technology. We in addition offer trainings in project management, time management and process improvement strategies. With extensive experience in the technology consulting space for companies in the retail, logistics and finance for over a decade, I am keen to offer strategies and tricks of the trade to small to medium size firms, which in the past have been exclusive to large MNC’s and implemented by the big four consulting houses. I am a veteran in my field of Process Improvement for company operations, business to business technology platforms, data management and process strategies to reduce waste in each part of a business operation. I have won accolades and awards in the companies I have worked for like Bank Of America, AXA Regional & HK, ANZ Bank, Retail companies like Coles & Myer, Telstra and logistics giant Linfox across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & India. The flexibility of industry standard and methods of running tight and streamlined operations can be applied and not limited to any industry or size of company. Improved, automated and smarter ways of working can be applied with tried and tested methods proven by the global Project Management Institute, Six Sigma and LEAN methods – these are key areas of Cresta Consulting Co services. We understand and we connect with our clients to help them grow & scale in the most efficient ways. I hold a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a certified Project Management, Six Sigma and LEAN practitioner. Most recently I am also pursuing an advanced degree in Digital Marketing & SEO strategy.


What inspired you to start your company?

Cresta Consulting Co is an inspiration after meeting numerous entrepreneurial women in Hong Kong who have been working on their business for a while. However now they want to scale up, increase their sales or questions like nobody visits my website or I need more people in my team but not sure about cost and time effectiveness. It was a ‘light bulb’ moment at a women’s networking event that I volunteer for when it was clear that I need share all my knowledge and expertise to a different sector. Why should process streamlining, automation and operational waste reduction be limited to larger firms only? I am inspired to bring this change to small to medium enterprises. In addition starting my own consulting company gives me an opportunity to meet a wide range of industry champions and provides me the much needed flexibility to manage my home & health.

So far,  what's the most challenging part of your journey? 

The challenge was to get out of my comfort zone and think of owning a business. The leap of leaving the corporate world into owning your passion was the toughest part. It's a different mindset which can feel you're very much alone. But with determination and focus, also connecting with people who inspire you more really helped.



On growing teams

Start smart! While creating new or growing teams thinking ahead or where you want to be will assist in decision making of the talent, skill and diversity you need in your team.

On success

Our company success is to help small to medium businesses transform their organisation, to operate in a more streamlined and cost effective way. Often our customers have all the skills and means to ensure company success. But with meticulous changes, the cost and time savings can make the company reach higher strategic goals and promote further growth. Assisting medium size companies with efficient data storage policies, customer security processes, time efficiencies, improve general company operational processes, digital automation and use people skills efficiently are all the end result of a business transformation when time saving & value adding tools are used; which is an expertise of Cresta Consulting Co.

A personal success was when I conducted an audit for product launch for a company in Hong Kong. Our client would diversity and launch a new product in the market every 3 months, however each time the process was tedious, time consuming and marred with delays. After recommendations and changes I made for the workings and execution of each new product launch, the time to launch was reduced incredibly along with less frustration for the employees and team. The end result was standard processes, documentation and clear responsibilities which only an 'outside' consultant could provide. Sometimes you need a different and calculated view to make higher leaps for your company, and that's what we provide.


LinkedIn: @parulbhandarihk