Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle

This week, in the member's corner, we are pleased to introduce you to Sarah Garner,  Founder of RETYKLE. Sarah is dedicated to evolving the luxury fashion consumption in a more conscious and eco-friendly way.

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Retykle has been running for few years, how would you describe your journey?

The idea for Retykle sparked when my son was just a few months old (he's now 4). I spent over a year researching, planning and designing the business before 'soft' launching when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. Giving birth to a business and a baby at the same time was not the intention but building a website often takes longer than anticipated and by the time it was ready, I didn't want to put the breaks on. We ramped up considerably a few months later and have grown exponentially over the past two plus years.

I started Retykle after over a decade of working in luxury fashion. I had become disenchanted with the industry and concerned about the direction it was heading with faster and faster cycles and considerably more consumption (and waste). I suppose my journey started after I left my last corporate job in fashion and had my first child which jolted me out of a 'here and now' mindset into a future focused purpose led intent for the next chapter of my career. Retykle emerged to solve my own challenge and what is a universal issue for parents of what to do with the inevitable pile of outgrown clothes your kids leave behind as they speed through sizes.

Did you know that the average child will outgrow 1700 items of clothing before they are fully grown? Crazy right? By facilitating hassle free resale and donations, we're helping to keep each of those items in circulation and out of landfills - the best thing we can do to combat mountains of outgrown kids clothing. Building a business takes perseverance and team work. We have faced countless hurdles but have approached them with an appetite for learning and an opportunity for improvement. We're proud of what we're building as we believe in our mission and the purpose that we serve for parents, the community and the environment. When you're driven by purpose, it's easy to stay motivated.

The challenging part is building a new business model which doesn't have a guidebook or blueprint so we continually iterate and innovate to keep creating a better service. As a team, we're inspired by the future of retail which is going through a monumental shift towards circular solutions and of course we are fuelled by the positive reinforcement we receive from our enthusiastic Retyklers.


When you first started, who were your ideal customers?

Our target customer has always been parents, particularly moms, who value time, money and the environment. When we started, our concept of shopping designer secondhand and selling outgrown clothes was very very new and most of our shoppers, even today, are new to shopping secondhand but it only takes one experience to get hooked on the savings and convenience. We have a number of super Retyklers who have vowed to only buy secondhand for their kids in an effort to reduce their family consumption.

How many mums sell on your platform? How does it work?

We now have thousands of sellers on our platform so we have a great assortment from newborn to 12 years old. We like to say that selling with us is as easy as ABC 123 because our steps are to 1. to check our Acceptance criteria, Brand list, Condition standards, 2. Book a free home pick up 3. Sit back and earn cash automatically. It's that easy. We've eliminated all of the hassle involved in resale to make sure that it doesn't stay on the to-do list or worse, ending up in landfills.

You can start to 'Marie Kondo' your kids closets today! Start selling here.

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