Yulia & Olya, Founder of Millenny

We came across these genius girl bosses, Yulia and Olya, founders of MILLENNYwho designed an amazing all-in-one work tote!

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After coming back to China in 2016, Olya and Yulia decided to work together on their first business venture: Bags Business Limited, which produces bags for other brands and wholesalers).  They then came up with the idea of creating their own bags that are stylish & highly functional. They don’t want to chase trends, but to create only pieces that are here to stay. 

MILLENNY, therefore aims to create purpose-driven bags for the busy, sometimes even hectic schedules of millennial women.

How did you come up with the idea of the all-in-one tote?

We were living a crazy, always on-the-go entrepreneurial lifestyle ourselves, carrying our laptops and all other work essentials everywhere we went. And let me tell you, my laptop bag was super bulky and just plain ugly , Olya was using a laptop sleeve, both options didn’t look good with anything we were wearing and made us feel like an overworking nerds rather than a determined girl boss on her way to conquering the world!

We thought that we couldn’t be the only ones facing this problem, so made our research and found that there were not that many options for a Work Bag that would not only be versatile and functional but  stylish as well.  That’s how our first 3-in-1 BRERA Work Tote was born. 

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Being organised  “freaks” as we are and loving everything in its place, we came up with a tote that features a detachable laptop bag, detachable wallet, and compartments for everything we would need to have for our busy day. An ultimate Work Bag that you can take anywhere! I personally carry mine every single day . 


This is amazing! Can you share with us why is Millenny so special? 

My BRERA Tote is my office now, everything I would need during my work day is in it's dedicated place, so I save so much time in the mornings by eliminating the need to switch all my things to different bags depending on the occasions. And that's a huge plus when you have a lot of other things on your mind when you start a new day.

We are pretty hands on the production and check the whole process from start to finish. Our BRERA Tote and Valencia Wallet are made from 100% genuine leather, the X Laptop Sleeve is made of 100% genuine leather and water-resistant nylon. We source all the materials and hardware ourselves and produce our bags in a factory in China. We do a complete quality inspection check of every single bag ourselves to make sure that all our beautiful and smart customers get the best product that will work for them throughout seasons.