Hiam Sakakini

“The only constant in life, is change”

As a Sociology major and specialist in Change Management I am passionate about discovering what great companies do differently from the rest. What do their leaders do? What kind of culture do they have? How do they nurture, develop and protect that culture? What can we learn from top performers that is coachable for all? Creating an environment where smart, self-motivated, innovative individuals can thrive is something that drives me. 

I have been very fortunate in 14+ years of working for Fortune 500 companies in a range of roles from building large regional sales teams as a Sales Manager, to building Leadership Skills for thousands of Managers, as Head of Leadership Development for Google Asia. I have learned that it is important to experience both sides of an organisation, front line sales and operations & strategy team in order to really understand the importance of focusing on the customer as well as the nuances of how to make any change strategy stick.

During my 10 year tenure at Google I have lived and breathed the unique experience of how technology changes industries and how to navigate that change successfully through your people. I understand the impact change can have on people, and know how to take them on a journey having led strategic initiatives that involve diversity & inclusion, coaching and innovation for thousands of people. 

I have now co-founded a People & Culture consulting practice that aims to bring positive change to workplaces across the globe. I see FEW as a key partner to empower female leaders both at a start-up and corporate level.