Julie Hwang

Don’t fear challenge or change - explore your dreams in order to discover your strength, and learn from your failures. 

Julie believes in the power of experiences and challenges, always in a constant state of wanderlust.  Continuously striving for self-development and accomplishing goals, she has been able to manifest intangible assets into her life in both professional and personal capacities. She is a progressive thinker and result-oriented individual who has a culturally diverse background, being educated and working in 10 different countries throughout the world - she is truly a global citizen!

Julie has managed international sales & marketing teams throughout Europe, and has worked as the Head of Business Development for Korean corporates, representing the EMEA markets.  She became a key deal maker in multiple large projects in the B2B, B2C, and public tender space, generating significant development for her companies, not only through revenue, but also through brand awareness.

Understanding different cultures, trend flows, and business operations, together with her MBA studies, Julie was inspired to create Delegant in Hong Kong, to bring fashion tech and beauty innovations to the global market.  As an Entrepreneur, she understands the risk/reward profile of such ventures, and has always had the confidence to go into every situation with a positive attitude.

Displaying a passion for connecting people in professional setting, sharing knowledge and information, and inspiring and supporting others to achieve their desires, Julie’s role with FEW as Director of Business Development is a natural fit. She places an emphasis on a healthy work/live balance, and looks forward to sharing her positive outlook, practical experience, and creating new relationships and strengthening old ones with fellow entrepreneurs.